Tan Line Tamer

Nothing sullies a curve-hugging, body conscious dress like VPLs and nothing, NOTHING, takes a tube top from chic to cheap like stark-white tan lines. But alas, we’ve all been there. Fortunately for womankind, certain innovations in lingerie and swimwear have made it possible to bypass most line-related snafus (g-strings, Spanx, removable bikini straps, etc.). But that’s just not enough for C-String, the newest player in the undergarment game and a self-described solution to all pesky panty- and tan-line worries.

One part stripper couture and one part Brazilian beachwear, the C-String is billed as the world’s smallest thong with no waist band to show under skirts, pants and dresses. Yes, it’s as awkward as it sounds. Fashioned with a flexible internal frame that secures the garment to the body, it essentially looks like a headband with a patch on one end to cover your vag (available in an assortment of fabrics and colors, natch).

And the fun doesn’t stop there! C-String’s creators boast that the undies are great for the beach or to steam things up in the boudoir. Okay, I can SORT OF see the functionality for under thin or tight clothing, but as a bathing suit? Not unless you want your ass to end up plastered across YouTube.

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