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Tarjay All Day

Tarjay All Day

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I’ll admit it, I’m not ashamed (ok, maybe a little)…. a month ago, I went on an inexplicable shopping spree at Target. It truly was not my intention – I fell prey to the all too familiar “I’ll just run in and grab some laundry detergent and a shoe rack, then I’m done” mindset. Upon reaching the checkout after what felt like an eternity, I saw the numbers on the register screen rise and felt my eyes bulging out of my head like a cartoon character. WHAT?! How the hell is this my total? My friend who was standing next to me tried to reassure me – “Yeah, but you’re outfitting a new apartment…. a studio, so no one is sharing the cost with you… you bought a vacuum cleaner!”, but still, I was not convinced. After setting aside a few items that I truly didn’t need for my new place, the total was much more palatable and I could live with it, though I still left with a receipt that folded over and over like an accordion. The Target (ahem, Tarjay) black hole of spending had sucked me in. Oh, that wily little red bullseye gets ya every time.

While perusing Refinery29 the last week, one particular headline elicited a major eyebrow raise: ‘This Simple-But-Genius Reason You Always Spend Too Much Time In Target’ – and I was beyond curious to see the answer. I’ve always been someone who is fascinated by and nerds out over the psychological subtleties and nuances of shopping/spending money as it relates to subconscious human behavior – malls without clocks so consumers lose track of time; casinos pumping oxygen into the AC system so gamblers feel energized, etc.

Sure enough, this R29 piece shared some insight on why we get lost in that bargain bubble. Apparently, most Target stores nationwide refrain from playing music. With countless studies proving that music choice and background ambiance have significant impacts on consumer behavior, this is very much a deliberate and brilliant move by Target. They clearly did their homework and research on this one. It’s pretty rare these days to go to any store or venue and NOT hear some tunes setting the mood. Target is gradually rolling out ‘happy, upbeat’ playlists at a selection of their stores to test the waters and see what type of impact it has. Still, they stand mostly alone in terms of being an enclosed public spot that isn’t hitting you over the head with blaring background noise.

So, the next time you dash into our beloved discount mecca and in the blink of a bullseye have spent your entire paycheck and wasted hours of your life, there’s a reason for that. A carefully-curated, very calculated reason why you Tarjay all day.

Posted by Ilana