Tattoo 101: Don’t Be A F&*king Idiot.

The cardinal rules of getting a tattoo are as follows:

• Don’t get it anywhere that may stretch and look bad as you get older
• Don’t put someone’s name on your body unless they’re your child or they’ve died
• Don’t be stupid

Breaking the third cardinal rule was a Cowboys fan, Jordan Garnett, who got a little too excited about the idea of the Cowboys winning the Super Bowl. On December 6th – two long months before the scheduled February 5th game – he got a tattoo of the Dallas Cowboys iconic star with the words “SUPER BOWL LI CHAMPIONS” wrapped around it. Only there’s one problem… they’re already out of the playoffs.














Image source: Twitter

To repair his reputation and his erroneous prediction, he’s added an extra “I” to say Super Bowl 52 which is next year. I may be superstitious but I’d go as far as to say that this is just a bad season waiting to happen.














Image source: Twitter

F&*king idiot.


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