Tax on Candy? Anything but sweet….

A piece of candy a day is my motto. In fact, there are moments during the day when a few peanut m&m’s, a snickers bar, or a handful of skittles keeps me sane! My sweet tooth gives me recognition amongst my friends–I’m the go to for sweet treats, as well as the one everyone knows will have a pack of gum on hand. For as long as I can remember, I’ve turned to candy for almost any occasion; a trip to the doctors, before a plane ride, the day after a hangover, break up, or to prepare for a big project.

So I couldn’t help but express shock when it was announced last week that Governor Patrick has proposed a tax on candy and soda. How could this be? Candy is inexpensive and a large reason why I feel able to purchase a variety of sorts. Not to mention, in times of chaos, or when things aren’t going as planned, I find comfort in a Hershey’s Bar or Starburst chew.  C’mon Gov, this just doesn’t add up!

Patrick claims that a portion of the price increase will go to a new Commonwealth Wellness Fund, which will help pay for public health programs intended to cut down on childhood obesity. In today’s economy, candy can make a bad day turn good and can put a smile on a child’s face—but now they want to add a price to the little ray of affordable sunshine we’ve got left?! This has the potential to cause a decline in candy sales and, heck, may even turn a pint size into a fruit-a-holic–which isn’t a bad thing, to be sure. Yet, candy is a part of life regardless of age and being taxed on it by our state government seems more than a little extreme. What’s next? A tax on paying a bill? Or for taking a walk? I guess only time…for example, as told by the owl and the Tootsie Roll Pop… will tell.

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