Tea for Two and Two for Teavana


I often saunter through the Prudential/Copley mall on my lunch break and always pass Teavana – a shop with gorgeous teapots, teacups, and fresh tins of tea adorning the windows. I seriously thought it was only a teapot shop and never took the time to check it out. I love iced tea (the real, fresh-brewed kind – not the powdered, fake crap) and was surprised when my friend suggested we stop by Teavana for a refreshing glass. Like I said, I had no idea that the store even had a tea counter!

We moseyed in and I was completely overwhelmed – the entire back wall was covered with fresh tea selections! Hot or iced, take your pick – everything is super-fresh and delicious. Teavana offers white teas, green teas, oolong teas, black teas, and more. My recommendation: the Ginger Peach Apricot Black tea. On a hot day, grab an iced tea and take it out to the courtyard in the middle of the Pru – a perfect way to spend your lunch break.

Check out Teavana’s website for flavor selections, purchasing information and national locations: http://www.teavana.com

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