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Teach Us Your Ways, Marcus

Teach Us Your Ways, Marcus

I go to a lot of really cool concerts so it’s rare for me to have severe concert envy, but right now I can honestly say I’ve never been more jealous of anyone than I am of Marcus Haney. Who is Marcus Haney? No one, really, except for this really ballsy guy who decided to break into every music festival you can think of (even The Grammy Awards!) over the past four years and make a movie about it. Crazy right?!

Marcus’s movie is called “No Cameras Allowed” to pay homage to the fact that he not only snuck himself into all of these music festivals (50+ since 2010), but also snuck in his video equipment and managed to film these shows from all the places you’re typically not allowed to shoot from (side of the stage, in the crowd, etc). Along the way, Marcus has befriended a ton of interesting people, from “Acid Chris” who is a guy he found on Craigslist to help him put gas in his car, to the band Mumford and Sons who have actually become good friends of his and have aided Marcus in his cinematic efforts.

Marcus has been shopping his finished film around to different studios and higher-ups, but a couple of weeks ago an unapproved version of “No Camera’s Allowed” trailer leaked onto the Internet, quickly going viral. On the 23rd, the feature film was screened in full for the first time in California and received rave reviews.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see the full film. Mostly so I can pick up some tips and tricks on how to get myself into Coachella next year without forcing my bank account to organize a mutiny against me.

Posted by Ameara