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Sorry, I’m Just Not Entirely Tempted by Temptu AIRbrush Makeup!

Sorry, I’m Just Not Entirely Tempted by Temptu AIRbrush Makeup!

I think Sephora does an amazing job making sure their merchandise mix is fresh, new and innovative. It certainly keeps all the makeup-obsessed ladies coming back for more, week after week, looking to see what’s been added to the shelves. Brands are chomping at the bit trying to get Sephora to bring them into their store to, essentially, change their business’ future and their employees’ lives forever.

Case in point: the pricey new brand/concept that Sephora just added: Temptu AIRbrush Makeup Systems. It’s a spray gun loaded with liquid foundation (or colored blush) that you mist all over for what the brand hypes as a “completely flawless face.” There’s no need to blend with a make-up brush or touch your face at all. Hmm…it’s sort of like you’re a naked Playboy Bunny being sprayed with body paint before a theme party at The Mansion. It’s intriguing – I’ll give ‘em that – but $225 for the system, $55 for the AIR pod of foundation and $30 for the blush?! Wowsa! They claim the pods last 2 to 3 months but so do my other foundation bottles. Man, I wish the system wasn’t so much or else I might (just might) give it a try. Would you?

Posted by Brianne