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Txts Frm Lst Nght

Txts Frm Lst Nght

Do you ever wake up from the night before in the same clothes, make-up smeared, disheveled hair, with your blackberry/cell phone next to your head? Panic takes over as you scramble through missed calls, accidental calls, received calls and the dreaded “sent” texts, praying that you didn’t text a significant other something sloppy, raunchy, or downright crude. Trying to avoid the embarrassing memories, you may even be tempted to just delete the “sent” texts, thinking that they will vanish into cellular-thin air…but you may have to think again.

Thanks to, your texts from the wild night before–whether hysterical, embarrassing, sexual, or downright weird–may be posted for the rest of the online world to see. Literally, thousands upon thousands of texts are posted each hour for people to read for their own amusement. Texts range from “I just saw a midget buying condoms and graham crackers. I wonder which was the impulse buy,” to “I half slept with him but I still don’t owe you any money,” and “I went from sloppy to sexy in minutes.” These are just a few of my recent faves, making this site an addictive resource whenever the need for a laugh break hits throughout the day.

It’s easy to submit. Simply send texts with the area code of the sender to or enter the text on the site and press send, exposing those unsightly received texts for the amusement of all! So the next time you think you have deleted that inappropriate “I’ve drnk 2 mch lst nite” text, there is a good chance that the receiver may have sent it to Texts From Last Night…erasing any shot of dignity you may have had left.

Posted by Jillian