Thanks For Restoring Our Faith in Humanity, BK!

To follow up our recent discussion on national holidays, I couldn’t help but share the way Burger King took advantage of “Good Samaritan Day” this year.

In celebration of the holiday, Burger King planned a stunt that tested the character of a number of unexpecting passers-by. The burger chain staged a car fire on the side of a deserted road in California and stood by to see if any good Samaritans would stop on their drive by to lend a helping hand.

Image Source: Burger King / AdWeek

Sure enough, quite a few people pulled over to help the seemingly desperate, stranded individual. They were greeted by the roaring blaze of a hot fire… in the form of a grill. Following this, the good Samaritans were offered Whoppers by the one and only “Burger King” himself.

Filmed by David Miami, “the film showcases the genuine outpouring of concern from those who pulled over to lend a hand, quickly turning to relief as they realized the flames were from a grill, and not an engine fire,” BK said in a statement. “These good Samaritans were prepared to help in any way possible, from running up with fire extinguishers to attempting to douse the flames with a handful of sand.”

While restoring a bit of our faith in humanity, Burger King also leaves us inspired to do better, with the added bonus of feeling great about the company. Keep up the good work, Burger King.

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