That’s the price, folks!

Poor Phelps. As I read all of the recent press surrounding Michael’s
infamous toke (no, not all press is good press), I had to keep reminding
myself that he is only 23. But I suppose the price of becoming a world
idol at the tender age of 15 is that you are catapulted straight to
adulthood without the luxury of learning through experimentation. It’s
been a rough week for the poor guy-suspension from any competition for
three months by USA Swimming and being dropped like a bad habit (ha!) by
Kellogg’s. We industry insiders know to never underestimate the power of
spin. If I had been on the team overseeing the Kellogg’s account, my crisis
management plan would have been to immediately add 812mgs of sodium to
those cornflakes, deep fry that sh*t, and re-brand them as the cure to
cottonmouth. Would have loved to see the sales on that one…

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