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That’s Wiggity Wiggity Wiggity Wack

That’s Wiggity Wiggity Wiggity Wack

To some, Kriss Kross was just a footnote in hip hop history, but for those of us around back in their heyday – that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I mean it is physically impossible to stand still when their 1992 double platinum hit, “Jump,” hits the airwaves on the old school flash back lunchtime radio (or any 80’s baby’s wedding). Go ahead, try it.

So when I heard the news that rapper Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly died last week, it made me stop and remember the good old days of hip hop. Yes, the backwards overalls and jerseys that Kris Kross wore were ridiculous, but I am not going to pretend I didn’t try to pull it off at least once or twice! But man I cannot get enough of 90’s rap – it seemed so much more real, in the eyes of this middle class white girl from the suburbs.

As I pour one out for my boy Chris Kelly, I want to share two main things that made the rap/hip hop of yesterday so rad:

  1. It used to be about the love for the music (and mad MC skills), not dollar, dollar bills.
  2. It used to be about sending a message and getting off the streets, now it’s all about partying, booty shaking, cars and strips clubs.

As a nod to things old and new (because I still like to get down to Lil’ Wayne and Rick Ross), I leave you with Jimmy F. and JT and the History of Rap.


RIP D-A-Double D-Y-M-A-C.

Posted by Miranda

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