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The Amazon Race

The Amazon Race

(Photo courtesy of Sun Corridor Inc.)

Cities across the country are clamoring for a chance to welcome Amazon’s second headquarters. The potential for an economic boom following Amazon’s fateful move to a new location is a huge draw for many city and state officials and locals. The city of Tuscon, Arizona even shipped a 21-foot cactus to Amazon’s Seattle headquarters – a prickly taste of what might be in Amazon’s future!

To rebut Boston’s bid, New Hampshire’s proposal leans on one argument: “We’re not Boston! But we’re close.” The proposal sites lower taxes, affordable housing for employees and better commuting options. I’m anti-throwing shade at Boston, but there may be some legitimate points here…

NBC News gives some good reasons why Amazon moving in next door might actually suck. Traffic (as we all know) already sucks in Boston and adding 50,000 jobs to the city will only help to further exacerbate the issue. Let’s talk housing, too. Rent prices in the city and surrounding towns are out of control. At least we’re “only” the fifth most expensive US state for renters… yay? Even if Amazon moves to Lawrence, having a massive multi-national company like Amazon in the area will only drive up rent even more. Lastly, remember when San Francisco started opening its doors to dozens of start-ups like DropBox, AirBnB and Uber? City residents were not happy with the sudden culture shift that they never signed up for. Boston has a unique culture and vibe, overall, and in each of its neighborhoods.

If Amazon moved to Boston, would I be pumped? Yes, 100%. But with such a massive undertaking there are many, many factors to consider beyond just the economic boon.

Posted by Mike