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The Art of Plating on Anything but a Plate marlo marketing

The Art of Plating on Anything but a Plate

Image Source: @wewantplates

With consumers having endless options for dining out, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. Many restaurants attempt to make themselves known by providing a unique angle. Presentation is definitely one of the most important things when showcasing food, but what’s the best way to make it really memorable? Try serving the food on anything but a plate, and in any fashion — the more absurd and bizarre it is, the more likely it’ll get shared on social media and the more attention you’ll get!

Serving dishes in out-of-the-box ways has become increasingly popular — so much so that there are social media accounts (Twitter and Instagram, specifically), dedicated to compiling content from around the world of strange food presentations. You can follow the exceptionally weird, but entertaining experiences at @wewantplatesofficial.

The unconventional style of plating certainly isn’t for everyone and for some, it may come off as appalling. Like many trends, the oversaturation of “uniqueness” may revert back to the traditional sense of plating and dining will rely more on the food and service rather than garish items masquerading as plates!

Posted by Lucy