The Bachelor Gets the Artistic Treatment

Image source Lisa Hannawalt via Vulture

After catching season two of Bachelor Pad, hands-down the most mindlessly entertaining (and sickeningly confidence boosting) reality show ever, I decided to give the latest season of The Bachelor a whirl. Up to this point, my only exposure to the show had been through the pages of tabloids and celeb blogs, but boy am I glad I tuned in to see what all the hype was about the last 23,443,287 years (okay, so maybe I’m a little late to the game, but who gives a hoot).

Sure, it may be a little past its prime, but The Bachelor still has all the makings of TV gold: supposedly handsome leading man (different strokes, people), spare-no-expense fantasy dates in exotic locales and a gaggle of beautiful, if emotionally unstable, women fighting for said man’s affection. What more do you need? Oh wait, how about a sketchbook capturing hilarious glimpses of the show and its players, alongside spot-on commentary about the “Cult of Ben” and that rumpled, thinning disaster he calls hair.

Lisa Hannawalt, you are officially my hero.

Posted by Abby

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