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The Best Features of Apple’s iOS14

The Best Features of Apple’s iOS14

Image Source: Medium

It’s no surprise that Apple is continuing to stay ahead of the game when it comes to technology, regardless of social uncertainties. iOS14, one of Apple’s biggest updates ever, allows for a more friendly and aesthetically pleasing user experience, along with Siri improvements and other tweaks. While we continue to find new tips and tricks just by daily use of our phones, it’s worth breaking down some of the key aspects that people are buzzing about. So, here’s the scoop on the iOS14 update you’ve been looking for!

Clean up your apps – The App Library is now a separate space at the end of the Home Screen that automatically organizes all of your apps and allows easier access to your “go-to” apps that you access everyday.

Phone and FaceTime calls are now more compact, appearing as banners instead of taking up the entire phone screen. The update also includes “Picture in Picture,” allowing you to take a FaceTime call while using another app.

Pin conversations from your most important people in your messages and directly mention and reply to people in chats with updated group emojis.

Widgets can now be dragged anywhere on the Home Screen, allowing for quicker access to weather, calendar events, and other data. Download the app “Widgetsmith to take your lock screen widgets to the next level – change colors, fonts and more to completely customize your widgets.

For more on the robust update, check out this link. In a nutshell, the update is worth the download! Whether it’s for a refreshed home screen or easier call/Facetime accessibility – iOS 14 is ready for you to explore it.

Posted by Katerina