The Best of Both Worlds: Everything Donut

You wake up on a Saturday morning and head to your local bakery/coffee joint. You’re craving a bagel but you’re also side eying the glazed donuts across the shop. Truthfully, you want both, but you’re trying to save your money, waistline and dignity, so you have to choose. It’s the age old dilemma – savory or sweet?

For me, I’m a savory girl and there’s no way in hell I’d ever turn down a bagel. But that doesn’t mean I’m not secretly craving a sugary donut. Well, weekend binge eaters of the world, you’re in luck. I introduce to you: the Everything Donut.
Image Source The Doughnut Project

A Frankenstein-like mash-up of the delicious everything bagel with cream cheese combined with the sweetness of a glazed donut. The creator of this genius baked good is NYC-based The Doughnut Project, a quaint little donut shop that knows a thing or two about delivering out-of-this-world donuts. To get into the specifics, the creation is a fried yeast donut with a sweet cream cheese glaze topped with poppy seeds, sesame seeds, garlic, sea salt and pepitas. Some of you may be turning your noses up at this fine concoction but for indecisive breakfast eaters, this sounds like the best of both worlds. Think of it like sweet cream cheese frosting topped with your favorite savory bagel seasonings, doesn’t sound so bad? …Right?

Until I make my way down to NYC, I’ll just have to continue my tortured Saturday morning ritual of choosing between my go-to bagel and an indulgent donut. Calling all Boston bakeries – time to step up your game!


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