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The Birth Control Divorce Pill

The Birth Control Divorce Pill

Ahhh the pill: that little thing so many of us ladies (and our boyfriends, husbands, and drunken mistakes) rely on to prevent any premature or unwanted pregnancy. We start on it in our teens, and popping the itty bitty tab becomes a staple in our daily routine. Then, we “find the one,” and say goodbye to it, ready for the pitter patter of teeny toes.

Not so fast.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but some women have taken to renaming this popular form of birth control. The new moniker: The Divorce Pill. Some women have found that upon stopping the daily pill, they suddenly find themselves no longer attracted to (or even now disgusted by), the man in their lives. One woman suddenly couldn’t stand the smell of her husband anymore, equating it to soured clothes, and divorce resulted.

Sure this all sounds totally bizarre, but apparently, what it comes down to is plain old pheromones. Studies have found that we’re naturally attracted to those with a different genetic makeup than ours — apparently this makes for the healthiest offspring. When on the pill, some believe that women actually steer towards those who are similar to us, leading to a loss of attraction to their partner when they go off.

It makes for an interesting argument against the pill, certainly an entertaining one at that, but I think I’ll take my chances. Better to one day risk loss of attraction than have to pop out a kid anytime soon. YIKES!

Posted by Haley