The Black Sheep

In every family, there is always at least one black sheep. They refuse to understand or acknowledge jokes made by your crazy Uncle Phil, they sit in the corner playing video games while the rest of the cousins open gifts, and they don’t participate in the annual who-can-finish-their-bottle-of-wine-first competition. Call ‘em a black sheep, outcast, stick in the mud – whatever you like. They’re the worst.

No picture in the WORLD portrays this dynamic more than the 2016 Cyrus family Christmas picture.


















Image source Instagram

While it’s obvious that Trace, Tish, Noah, Brandi, Miley, Braison and Billy Ray all come from the same genes of crazy – from grown out mullets, tattooed necks and cat ears – the one that stands out as the most “out of place” is Liam Hemsworth. Not only did Liam not get the memo to sport cat ears with Miley, but his lack of physical contact with the family almost looks like he was photo shopped into this Christmas card of misfits.

So to all of you crazy families with black sheep out there, know that it isn’t just your family that deals with this awkward scenario. The Cyrus family barely makes it by unscathed.

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