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The Camera Loves This Guy

The Camera Loves This Guy

If you haven’t heard the name Zeddie Little in the past week (or seen his photo) you may very well be living in a cave. Or maybe you just don’t surf the web as much as I do. Regardless, Little is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame for being known as the “ridiculously photogenic guy” whose extremely symmetrical face and pearly whites have gone viral on the web (and created a following of starry-eyed admirers in the process).

Little’s stardom arose from a photo taken of him while he was running a 10K in South Carolina. The photographer, Will King, snapped a random pic during the race, which he uploaded to Reddit after his friend dubbed Little as “Mr. Ridiculously Photogenic Guy.” The snapshot spawned several internet memes and an appearance on Good Morning America, on which he announced that he will be running the ING New York City Marathon in November.

Pressure is on for this guy — I’m sure marathon-goers and media alike will be following Little’s every stride along the 26.2-mile track, camera in hand, fighting for the perfect shot. I’m not too sure if the now-famous man will be quite as cheerful and photo-ready during this run (more than four times the distance of the race that sparked his fame), but you can be sure that the world will be watching. Run, Zeddie, run!

Side note: Zeddie is this guy’s real name, which he inherited from his father. This makes him ten times cooler in my book.

Posted by Erin

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