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The Candwich/Scamdwich

The Candwich/Scamdwich

Utah: the land of national parks, Mormons, and now, Candwiches.

A Utah based money manager has taken $145 million from real-estate investors and diverted it to create the potential future staple for every US pantry: canned sandwiches. Travis L. Wright (who, for whatever it’s worth, is also currently being sued for fraud for promising investors real estate and giving them canned sandwiches) invites us to “can our hunger” with two flavors: PB&J and chicken. Pepperoni pizza and French toast flavors are in the works.

Though Candwich’s aren’t available to the public yet, I’m sure that once Wright serves his time (or cuts a deal with the investors he scammed), they will soon be found on a 7-11 shelf near you.

I’m not above pre-made meals, but a Candwich? The inventors claim it has a long shelf life, but honestly, my appetite just expired.

Posted by Amanda