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The Change That America Needs

The Change That America Needs

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Today is Election Day. I haven’t voted yet because I’m still waiting on my absentee ballot to come in the mail. As of right now, I’m 47% sure who I am going to vote for, and because I am part of the 99% I really want to make sure I make the right choice. In order to do this, understandably, I need to see my future president in all types of scenarios. My president truly has to be anamorphic so that when he is traveling he can fit right in to any circumstances.

Thank goodness for Change4, from the folks at social discovery site SocialPlex. The website allows users to dress up Barack Obama or Mitt Romney in the most random of outfits, as well as mix and match features like hair, eyes and noses. They also throw in a few politically charged jokes, like t-shirts that say “I like Big Bird” or “I like Chair.” We’re talking about endless possibilities here; of course, users are encouraged to share their masterpieces on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Reddit. Me, I’m just curious which Obama or Mitt will show up at their victory/concession speeches tonight!

Posted by Katherine S.