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The Cheetah Print Revival We’ve (*I’ve*) Been Waiting For

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The Cheetah Print Revival We’ve (*I’ve*) Been Waiting For

Image Source: Vogue

Remember the early 2000’s, when everyone was wearing cheetah print everything and low rise jeans? When my mom bought a cheetah jacket this past holiday season I scoffed. “Mooom, you know animal print is out of style, right?” Without skipping a beat my mom looked me in the eyes and said, “Cheetah is back, just you wait.” Now I sit here, having recently purchased a cheetah print coat myself, wondering how my mother is always right about everything.

But, I digress. I am living for this animal print revival. The reboot of the old fashion trend brings me back to Snooki’s iconic zebra skin patterned slippers in the reality show Jersey Shore. Nine-year-old me even *drooled* over my cousin’s zebra patterned room. I wished I could have been that cool.

Now, as I flip my cheetah print coat over my shoulder, I finally feel that cool. And while I’m loving the rebirth of many style trends, I do hope that those low rise jeans stay in the early 2000’s.

Posted by Madison