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The Closest You’ll Ever Get to Kissing David Hasselhoff

The Closest You’ll Ever Get to Kissing David Hasselhoff

To congratulate David Hasselhoff on being named “The Smoothest TV Star of 2011” (Wouldn’t Patrick Dempsey have been a better choice?), Del Monte has created a Hasselhoff-shaped popsicle. And you thought licking a SpongeBob ice cream was weird…

Del Monte’s newest ice pop, dubbed the “Hoffsicle” is molded to resemble the head and torso of America’s favorite fifty-something ex-Baywatch star. The real Hasselhoff is having a field day with the new treat, littering social media sites with goofy full-grin pictures of himself with the raspberry smoothie flavored ice-lolly and calling it “Hoffalicious.”

I always thought having a Barbie or action figure of yourself was the ultimate symbol of making it big; I think it’s safe to say that David Hasselhoff has now raised the bar, one Hoffalicious lick at a time!

Posted by Mary