The Closest You’ll Ever Get to Kissing David Hasselhoff

To congratulate David Hasselhoff on being named “The Smoothest TV Star of 2011” (Wouldn’t Patrick Dempsey have been a better choice?), Del Monte has created a Hasselhoff-shaped popsicle. And you thought licking a SpongeBob ice cream was weird…

Del Monte’s newest ice pop, dubbed the “Hoffsicle” is molded to resemble the head and torso of America’s favorite fifty-something ex-Baywatch star. The real Hasselhoff is having a field day with the new treat, littering social media sites with goofy full-grin pictures of himself with the raspberry smoothie flavored ice-lolly and calling it “Hoffalicious.”

I always thought having a Barbie or action figure of yourself was the ultimate symbol of making it big; I think it’s safe to say that David Hasselhoff has now raised the bar, one Hoffalicious lick at a time!

Posted by Mary

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