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The Cult of Celebrity

The Cult of Celebrity

Last week, storied French fashion house Emanuel Ungaro sent its RTW spring/summer 2010 collection down the runway. Though this may seem like vapid, yet innocuous news to some – brace yourself; it gets worse. The bandage dresses, harem pants and heart-shaped pasties come from the brilliant sartorial mind of none other than Ungaro’s newest “artistic advisor”/enfant terrible Lindsay Lohan.

Yes, that’s right. Ms. Lohan has upped her fashion ante from a mere capsule collection of leggings to a full-on ready-to-wear collection collaboration. Though it’s not up to my pedestrian sensibilities to gauge the merits of her artistic contributions, it is however within my realm of expertise to ruthlessly comment on the state of the celebrity muse.

While some people say Lindsay’s involvement with Ungaro is purely a PR stunt to raise the lifeless fashion house from near-extinction, I think the monster that is the Lohan/Ungaro relationship belies a bigger issue; that of fashion labels that choose to align themselves with somewhat questionable celebrity muses. What does Ungaro hope to gain from this alignment, if none other than a little extra ink during Fashion Week? It’s not like Lindsay’s been touted as some fashion dynamo. So the bitch perpetuated the whole leggings look, big deal. It’s not like she’ll be dictating cutting-edge trends anytime soon (though this could be wishful thinking). How’s Lindsay coming on in a creative capacity all that different from her popping up in a magazine advert? (At least then, we’d have the courtesy of airbrushing.)

An even bigger “WTF?” comes from Christian Audigier’s hobnobbing in the French Riviera with douchebag-dad-turned-douchebag-divorcé Jon Gosselin, the newest “creative consultant” for Ed Hardy. Though, considering the level of douchebaggery donning an Ed Hardy t-shirt requires (see:, I guess Jon Gosselin’s involvement isn’t all that happenstance.

So if La Lohan = stripper pasties, and Jon Gosselin = douchey tshirts, I’m left to wonder: What other celebrity/fashion house mashups would be a match made in heaven?

Posted by Amelia