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The Dark Side of Celebrity Endorsement

The Dark Side of Celebrity Endorsement

Considering recent news that Jessica Simpson’s clothing and accessories empire is expected to break the $1 billion sales mark in early 2011, it’s safe to say that celebrity endorsement has reached a zenith. Whether it’s the sisters Kardashian shilling weight loss pills or Beyonce proclaiming the miserable, yet effective Master Cleanse, just about anything with a famous name attached to it is going to sell. While that’s great for the celebs who’re cut a nice check from the companies they’re endorsing, it’s not so great for the consumer, especially the ones taking health tips from A-listers and D-listers alike.

According to Sense About Science (SAS), “an independent charitable trust promoting good science and evidence in public debates,” pretty much every celebrity-endorsed health claim is bullshit.

The most horrendous endorsers include:

  • Olivia Newton-John, who told a newspaper that she took extra digestive enzymes to boost her immune system. Too bad your body already produces all the enzymes it needs, according to SAS.
  • Girls Aloud pop star Sarah Harding, who told a British magazine that she sprinkled her food with charcoal that would absorb damaging chemicals in the body once ingested. SAS says the body doesn’t need charcoal to absorb bad chemicals; it does it naturally.
  • Cage fighter Alex Reid touted the benefits of unprotected sex and “sperm reabsorbing” (use your imagination) to gear up for a fight. SAS’s take: Not only can sperm not be reabsorbed, it actually has very little nutritional value.

Not every celeb is a dope, though. SAS gives props to Jennifer Aniston, who responded to reports that claimed she was on a baby food diet with the quip, “Sorry, but the last time I had baby food, I believe I was one. I’ve been on solids for about 40 years now.”

Posted by Amelia