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The Drive-Thru is Now Vegan Approved

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The Drive-Thru is Now Vegan Approved

Image Source: The Verge 

There are all sorts of diets people adhere to — keto, vegan, paleo, just to name a few. Of course, every special diet also comes with its own set of trials and tribulations. Having spent the past year rolling with the vegetarians I can attest to two of the hardest aspects: 1. Being a pain in everyone’s butt for special dietary restrictions (my gluten free peeps can relate I’m sure) and 2. Not being able to participate in all the wonders fast food has to offer. That is, until recently, when multiple chain restaurants decided to spruce up their menus with a little green.

White Castle, a place I have personally never come across but does in fact exist, has pioneered the way into meatless fast food options. They partnered with Impossible Foods to produce vegetarian sliders for their menu, which come with cheese, pickles, and onions (ditch the cheese to make it vegan). Since then, a couple more staple fast food joints have jumped on the plant-based band wagon.

Burger King introduced the Impossible Whopper, which they have defined as 100% Whopper and 0% beef. BK even reported that since putting the Impossible Whopper on the menu in three major cities in April, they have seen an 18% increase in sales. Let’s keep that trend going so we can really “have it our way” nationwide. Taco Bell, too, has a whole section dedicated to vegan and vegetarian options, so yelling through the fuzzy microphone to take the chicken, cheese, and sour cream out of a CrunchWrap just became a whole lot less stressful.

Now, for the most surprising participant of all — Chick-fil-A. The controversial chicken sandwich company has been working on meatless options for quite some time now. While they have not officially confirmed there will be something on the menu, they are now in the testing stages for chickenless chicken biscuits. Now if only we could get them to open on Sundays…

While cross contamination with animal products is definitely more than likely, it’s still a big step in the right direction for vegeholics everywhere — consider those eight hour road trips a lot less miserable when you can reach for a burger and fries over trail mix!

Posted by Molly