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The Fate of the Salmon Population Rests in the Hands of…. Science?

The Fate of the Salmon Population Rests in the Hands of…. Science?

Conservation schmonservation. It seems as if the threat of over-fishing may soon be resolved with a test tube, courtesy of AquAdvantage.

Mmmm… genetically modified fish…delish. Apparently, the folks behind AquAdvantage discovered a unique genome found in the DNA of an “eel-like” ocean creature that, when grafted onto the gene for the North Atlantic salmon’s growth hormone, can produce a much larger fish that can grow twice as fast as normal (read: lame) salmon.

The FDA has scheduled public meetings as part of its approval process, which are being criticized by individuals who we like to call FRICKIN’ INTELLIGENT. Aside from being totally freaked out by a genetically modified salmon that has “eel-like” DNA injected into it, I am even more concerned that — at the same time the FDA is testing if it is safe to eat — it is also deciding whether or not the company should be required to inform the public that the fish they are about to buy is a genetic freak show. Way to protect the common man, FDA!

Posted by Emily