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The French Are Drinking Too Much Wine? They Say, “Non”

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The French Are Drinking Too Much Wine? They Say, “Non”

Image Source: rouje

Recently, the government in France made an announcement regarding the health dangers of wine consumption. They said, according to The New York Times, “for your health, it’s maximum two glasses a day, and not every day.” And what did the French say? Not surprisingly, they basically said, “Non! You’re wrong.”

If you know anything about France, you know wine is a big deal over there. There are certain ways to drink it, times to drink, and specific pairings. Like the Bible, in France you will find <<le guide hachette des vins>>, which dictates all things wine. Even the president, Emmanuel Macron, has said, “Me, I drink wine at noon, and at night.”

In regards to France’s core principles, liberté, egalité, fraternité – a respected wine producer from southwest France said trying to limit the Frenchman’s wine intake is “a constraint on liberty.” (Also, if those national principles sound familiar, they are. The United States was heavily… inspired, by these for its own).

Another wine producer, Véronique Desfontaine, said, “I don’t agree with it at all,” and was in fact baffled by the publicity. She points out that most French wine drinking takes place around a table accompanying a meal, and the culture of drinking to get drunk is far less prevalent. “Consuming wine is about sharing. The French drink wine because, for instance, they might have friends over,” she said. “They want to drink well. This is about quality.”

What do you think? Personally, I am in accordance with Veronique after seeing the differences in drinking culture in France and the USA. Plus – what is France without a glass or two of wine at dinner?

Posted by Giana