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The Golden Age Of Cruises

The Golden Age Of Cruises

Image Source: People

If you’re anything like me, setting sail on a giant cruise ship in the middle of the ocean isn’t your cup of tea. Granted, I’ve watched Titanic maybe one too many times to make me want to stay on land forever. However, my heart grew with excitement when I heard about the Golden Girls-themed cruise that is set to hit waters in 2020. If you thought the perfect cruise didn’t exist (like me), think again. The five-night Golden Girls cruise is set to depart from the Celebrity Infinity from Miami (the Golden Girls homeland) and travel to Key West and Cozumel, Mexico according to USA Today. There will be karaoke, games, trivia and even a bar crawl.

When I was little, I’d watch marathons upon marathons of The Golden Girls with my nana until night turned to early morning and I was left dreaming of cheesecake with “Thank You For Being A Friend” ringing in my ears. The fabulous Golden Girl ladies made me laugh, cry and feel like I was being invited into their home every time the camera panned in on their tropical Florida estate.

So, it’s time to face my fears in the name of this classic 80’s sitcom, which will (hopefully) make adventuring out in the deep blue nothing but smooth sailing. I just hope there’s cheesecake… and lots of it.

Posted by Sydnee