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The Great Aperol Spritz Debate of 2019

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The Great Aperol Spritz Debate of 2019

Image Source: @nessundormacinqueterra

Well people, it has finally happened. I was minding my business one Thursday afternoon, just being a #PRGirl and then bam – my Instagram was blowing up. What was going on? Did Zayn and Gigi get back together? Did BTS show up in custom Dior? Were flights to Paris on sale? Unfortunately, it was none of these things. What happened was that The New York Times had the A U D A C I T Y to call Aperol Spritz, the cup of sunshine the Italians so generously migrated over to the United States, a bad drink. They didn’t just call Aperol “not a good drink”… the writer actually compared it to a Capri Sun after soccer practice.

I knew when the writer described Aperol Spritz as an “Instagram-friendly” aperitif, that she was coming from the wrong place. When she complained about “trash bubbles,” a small sigh escaped my lips. When she called out Campari’s marketing push in 2017 – I asked myself, how is this relevant? HINT: It’s not.

While I can admit that it’s okay for a person to dislike the taste of Aperol Spritz, just like it is okay for a person to dislike Italian beaches, sunshine, and general happiness (weird flex, but OK) – I will not concede to have Aperol Spritz demeaned into a shitty Instagram cocktail that was forced on Americans by those oh-so-tricky Italians at Campari. Believe it or not, Americans are not sheep. Aperol Spritz existed and was popular in Italy and Europe long before Instagram, and long before those pretentious people who have to hate anything Insta-famous came along.

And if you know the roots of an Aperol Spritz, you know it is so much more than a drink. It is a lifestyle. Aperol Spritz is to be consumed during aperitivo – which isn’t just a pre-dinner drink, and is so much more than happy hour. Aperitivo is a ritual, originating from Northern Italy, and thus today is best enjoyed in Milan where you can’t help but participate – but the scene extends down to Rome and Naples, too. It’s a tradition and one of my favorite parts of Italian culture and clearly, the writer doesn’t get it. I truly feel bad for her, and the next time I am sitting down enjoying an Aperol from 7-9pm in the Italian sunshine with some delicious bites and good friends – I will say Cin Cin to her.

Posted by Giana