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The #HotCriminal is now a Free Man

The #HotCriminal is now a Free Man

Image Source Instagram

Not that I’d know firsthand, but I’m guessing many people get released from prison having no clue what they’re going to do next. However, when you’re the “sexy felon” and your mug shot is hotter than most people’s photo-shopped faces, you’ve got options. You may remember Jeremy Meeks, the blue-eyed babe who graced the Internet with his teardrop tattooed-mug in the summer of 2014 after getting arrested for possession of a loaded fire arm. The photo garnered over 100k likes on the Stockton Police Department’s Facebook page, launching Meeks into social media stardom (yes, police departments apparently have Facebook pages too and yes, they’re more popular than yours).

While he’s kept a pretty low profile during his time behind bars – where people were reportedly very nice to him – Meeks was released earlier this month and now has a thriving modeling career to fall back on. Meeks’ agent, Jim Jordan of White Cross Management, has been managing the convict’s Instagram account (@JMeeksOfficial) and has even implemented a new themed hashtag: #FelonCrushFriday…ugh.   According to Jordan, “We’re in talks with a lot of different agencies. There’s movies on the table. We have a lot of different things happening.” Sounds like we’ll be seeing a lot of Mr. Meeks in the coming months…


Posted by Amanda