The Internet Gods Have Smiled Upon Us

Hands down, having constant access to a stream of interesting, eye-catching information is one of the best things about working in the Internet age. Thing is, having constant access to a stream of interesting, eye-catching information is also one of the worst things about working in the Internet age. I don’t care how focused, dedicated etc. you are – editing a report to ensure that ROI has been calculated to the correct decimal point simply can’t compete with the allure of getting the play-by-play on how one writer spent $1,000 on a mere 17 items at Whole Foods or checking out which area eateries have been dubbed best in their ‘hoods this week.

Even if you’re not actively cruising the interwebz, most sites worth their salt have newsletters that send clickbait directly to our inbox. Even when on a deadline, it can be difficult to avoid the tempting article that promises to lead me to black tights that don’t rip. (I’ve wrecked a number of nylons in my day, so if there are tights out there actually intended to stand the test of time, I DEFINITELY want to know about them…so I can then recoil when I discover how expensive they are!)

How to solve this conundrum? Back in the dark ages, I might have recommended creating a personal folder and shoving the “must-reads” in there, creating a handy stockpile for future enjoyment. Today, however, I’ll direct you to Pocket, a handy app that allows you to save articles for later from the web, email or the app of your choice. What’s even better? The info you save will be ready and waiting for you on your cell phone when it comes time to dig in. You don’t even need an Internet connection! Forty minute commute, you just got a lot more interesting.

I’ll end by giving a shout out to the distracting little email that taught me about the app, perfect for my new year’s resolutions  to be more {organized, productive, informed}…any and all will do! Just think, friends, thanks to Pocket, you can now read wherever, whenever. Ain’t life grand?


Posted by Erin K. 

Posted By: marlo marketing

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