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The Ketchup Bottle of the Future!

The Ketchup Bottle of the Future!

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If you’re a condiment connoisseur like I am, you recognize that getting the last bit of viscous ketchup out of glass and plastic bottles is one of the most frustrating issues plaguing our generation. Though you may thump, knock and jostle the bottle to high heaven, somehow those final globs of tangy goodness remain completely immobile.

Well, in what some may dub a Nobel-worthy effort (i.e. this girl), students at MIT have developed a slippery substance known as “LiquiGlide,” a non-toxic, FDA-approved coating coming to ketchup bottles near you. Thanks to this magic serum, gooey condiments flow like lava from plastic and glass containers alike (just watch the videos!).

Before you decry this research and technology as a blatant waste of money, stop to consider that getting maximum ketchup usage could have a significant impact on reducing food waste by saving one million tons of nosh from being tossed every year.

Helping our global food system with a side of fries? Now, that’s what I call giving back.

Posted by Abby