The Killer #InstagramButt

Image Source: @khloekardashian

In recent years, we’ve all seen the trends that have surfaced with the increasing popularity of Instagram. One, in particular, that is ever present (especially since the rise of Kardashian fame) is the #InstagramButt. Celebrities and fitness influencers alike have taken to sharing pictures of their voluptuous behinds on social media. People have become obsessed with all the different exercises they can do to recreate a similar look for themselves, and even publications geared toward impressionable teen girls are posting articles like “Best Butts on Instagram” to really drive the point home. A plentiful posterior is the cleavage of the decade.

For so long we have been bombarded with skinny, waif-like models prancing about the runways, so the growing acceptance of a full derrière is kind of a welcome relief… right? Well, perhaps not. The need for a large, perfectly sculpted, rear-end is literally killing people! This is an epidemic so serious that Australia has even appointed a task force to investigate. If you don’t know what I am talking about already, it’s the BBL, a popular acronym for the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. Butt, what’s the big deal? I mean, people have been getting plastic surgery for decades to become more aesthetically pleasing, and whenever you go under the knife death is a risk. The BBL procedure has the highest mortality rate of all cosmetic procedures. These fat injections, artfully placed to create that apple bottom, must be injected into muscle tissue for them to stay put. Meaning, some of the fat can be absorbed into the blood stream, which brings it back to the heart (and, in some cases, the lungs) and… BOOOM, it blocks a vessel and you’re dead.

Is it worth it? Who can say? If it’s up to me, though, women will avoid procedures like the BBL and love their beautiful bods just the way they are!

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