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Perhaps 2010 is the Year to be Vegan??

Perhaps 2010 is the Year to be Vegan??

One of my first mm/c blog posts was on the book, “Skinny Bitch,” which focused on the ethical and health reasons as to why a person should start eating “vegan” — which means eliminating all dairy and meat.

During Christmas break, I spent some down-time reading actress Alicia Silverstone’s new book called “The Kind Diet.” Along the same lines as “Skinny Bitch,” but it uses Alicia’s own personal stories to explain the countless benefits of changing your diet into a plant-based one, including weight loss, more energy, clearer skin, better digestion, etc. I’ve been a fan of Alicia’s since her first big-break, “Clueless” (it seems as if Alicia is hardly like the character she played in that movie!), and found it interesting when I heard she was a fan of one of our clients, The Body Deli, which is a line of all-natural beauty products made from organic fruits and vegetables. She is die-hard when it comes to taking care of her body and her health and I think a lot of folks would find her healthy habits motivating. Even if you don’t think you can fully cut out meat, dairy and anything processed, Alicia offers a variety of unique recipes that are worth trying out (even just once!) including a Carrot-Daikon Weight Loss Drink, Black Soybean and Kobacha Squash Stew, and Summertime Succotash. She also talks about her daily hot body scrub (rub your body down with a hot wash cloth every day to increase circulation) and her interest in yoga, journaling and meditation. I’m telling you — it’s worth the read!

Posted by Brianne