Lovin’ the Lacie!

The LacieI have a confirmed shopping problem…but I’m a smart shopper. I shop with coupons, hit up sales, and have no problem browsing clearance racks at discount disasters like TJ Maxx and Marshalls. So when I got my Victoria’s Secret $10 coupon in the mail, I decided to save it for one of their Semi-Annual Sale events.

Last week I walked over to the Newbury Street store, on the hunt for the perfect pair of underwear. After walking by the Pink table (that crap seriously falls apart after a few months), I stumbled upon a display of brightly-colored, thick-strapped, lacey thongs appropriately labeled “The Lacie.” I’m a big fan of the thick straps (no lines!) and noticed that a sale was in effect: 3 pairs for $25. Perfect.

I started looking for my size and noticed that the entire collection was “one size fits all.” Seriously? So Oprah and I could wear the same pair of panties and VS promises a perfect fit? Doubtful. My friend assured me that they would fit my booty, claiming that she was wearing an orange pair “right now.” (She’s teeny weeny.) Sold!

I’m sporting a pair at this very moment, and they are super comfortable and cute. The Newbury Street store only offers about ten color selections, but the website offers 36. And, to me, the most important thing? Not only does one size fit all, but at 3/$25, one price fits all, too!

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