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The Least Sexy Three-Way Ever

The Least Sexy Three-Way Ever

Image source Complex already turned you on (pun intended) to Whiskey Dick flavored lube, but the brown water isn’t always a foolproof solution when your dude gets a bit, shall we say, over-excited (and why wouldn’t he, you saucy minx). Designed to prevent men from reaching the finish line before their lady friend, Durex’s Stamina Pillows feature images of less-than-sexy femmes striking provocative positions (think, an overweight older chick sporting blonde pigtails, a pearl necklace and copious armpit hair licking her lips suggestively). The pillows are marketed in tandem with the brand’s line of Performa condoms, which contain a mild anesthetic to promote a long-lasting boudoir session.

Think your man won’t be fazed by a bulbous-nosed broad with three chins and a “come hither” gaze? Hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so it might not work for everyone!

Posted by Abby