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The Love for Chrissy Teigen Continues

The Love for Chrissy Teigen Continues

Let’s face it, celebrity reality TV shows generally suck. Dancing with the Stars is so 2007, Celebrity Apprentice was never interesting to begin with, and what even is Celebrity Big Brother?! Altogether, that segment of television remains lame… until now.

Introducing the newest celebrity reality TV show—Lip Sync Battle. Ever caught Jimmy Fallon’s “lip sync” Tonight Show segment? Yeah, well this is bound to be that on CRACK seeing as it is hosted by LL Cool J and the beloved queen of social media, Chrissy Teigen.

If you’ve been following her Instagram account, you’ve known that they’ve been in production for a few months, as she’s documented her uh… journey.

At first, things seemed to start off well…
Image source Instagram

Then it got a little dangerous…
Image source Instagram

Well that escalated quickly…
Image source Instagram

Chrissy then became a Belieber… (not gonna lie I jumped on the Belieber train after watching “Never Say Never”)
Image source Instagram

Then she reminded us that she’s a regular human, just like us…
Image source Instagram

The show is set to be a hit, featuring big stars such as Anna Kendrick, John Krasinski, Dwayne Johnson, J Lo, Jimmy Fallon and more. It airs April 2nd on Spike TV and I sure as HELL will be watching!

Posted by Emily