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The M Word

The M Word

For years I have visibly recoiled at the word moist **shudder** and while I have known for a long time that I am not alone in this sentiment I never thought that there may be an actual reason for the widespread network of “m word” haters.  That is until two recent articles, one on BDCWire  and one courtesy of, that delve into why this word has become one of the most hated in the English language (full disclosure this may be an exaggeration due to my own distain for the word).  According to UPenn professor Mark Liberman, women are actually more likely to dislike the word than men and — despite popular belief — it’s not just because of the images the word may conjure. Apparently it has to do with the “oi” sound in the center of the word…for some reason us gals just can’t stand it!

Going even deeper into what seems to be a recent phenomenon of hatred, Jason Riggle of University of Chicago explains that the images/connotations the word evokes also trigger disgust for many – duh!  By triggering disgust in the brain the word in turn triggers word aversion – which turns out is contagious. It’s all coming together now J I won’t bore you with further scientific details but the takeaway here is that these articles support my belief that the “m word” should be removed from the English language. If my argument (and that of these very serious professors) doesn’t sway you, maybe The New Yorker, How I Met Your Mother or Jimmy Fallon’s reading of excerpts from his book of Thank You Notes will…


Posted by Gillian