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The Million Dollar Potato

The Million Dollar Potato

Image Source Kevin Abosch

When looking at modern and abstract art, we’ve all had the thought that we should quit our day job and start splattering colorful paint on canvases or painting yellow blobs or blue lines in hopes of being the next Jackson Pollock. I know it’s harder than it looks, but what if I told you that someone got paid ONE MILLION EUROS for taking a photo of a f*cking potato? Seems pretty easy to me, although if I’m being honest I don’t think I could get 11 Instagram likes let alone any money for a spud snap.

Sure, it’s a handsome potato and the focus is flawless, but how can this ordinary tuberous be so treasured? Where will the purchaser display said photo? Do they also have a collection of Mr. Potato Heads? What is their favorite potato preparation – mashed, scalloped, fried, baked? I have a lot of questions, not only about the new owner of this prized potato, but also of the potato-obsessed photographer.

Another fun fact is that this is only one of many picture perfect potatoes that Abosch has photographed, #345 to be exact. According to a statement from his studio, “Kevin likes potatoes because they, like people, are all different yet immediately identifiable as being essentially of the same species…he has photographed many potatoes. This one is one of his favorites.”  While it seems to me that this is true of a lot of other fruits, vegetables and animals, Mr. Abosch clearly has a proclivity for potatoes and who am I to judge?


Posted by Amanda