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The New “Game-Day” Brew

The New “Game-Day” Brew

7-Eleven is a great place for many things: quick pick-ups, slurpees, and entertainment (nothing’s better than watching my friend, Luke, indulge in a 7-Eleven hot dog at the end of a night of drinking – have you seen those things?!?!). Something missing from my list? Apparently, beer.

I couldn’t believe it when I recently read that 7-Eleven is the third-largest beer retailer in the U.S. Makes sense then that the convenience mart has begun selling its own store-brand beer “billed as a premium brew at a budget price.” Called Game Day, the beer comes in both light (alc. 3.9% by vol. / 110 cal.) and ice (alc. 5.5% by vol. / 155 cal.). Prices vary depending on location and taxes, but generally a 6-pack goes for between 7-9 buckaroos.

The brew comes at a time when beer sales have slowed, and 7-Eleven hopes to capitalize on the recession following the popularity of their private label wines, Yosemite Road, introduced last year. While it’s reported that Game Day fared well in taste tests (not according to this guy, though), this isn’t the first time the chain has introduced its own beer…and failed. Santiago, which was put on shelves in 2003 to compete with Corona, couldn’t find a strong enough following, so it’s unclear what’ll happen in this case. Benj Steinman, beverage analyst and publisher of Beverage Business Insights, isn’t so sure that Game Day will be much different. “Private label hasn’t worked in beer so far,” he says, citing that they have to “overcome brand loyalty” and the already-existing wide price range.

Only time will tell. Would you drink a 7-Eleven brew?

Posted by Haley