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The New Type of Orgasm…

The New Type of Orgasm…

…as in one of the many fabulous NARS products that come in the oh-so-memorably-named hue. This shimmery, peachy-pink color is so popular that it’s been made available in everything from nail polish to blush. NARS can’t get enough of a good thing. Launched just a few weeks ago, the Orgasm Illuminator is the new product on the block.

For $29, beauty lovers can buy this complexion-enhancing, liquid-y gel to instantly achieve a sun-kissed or shall we say, orgasmic glow. Make-up artists recommend using this product, well, just about everywhere! You can go wild with it on your face, both on top of or in place of foundation, or if you want your body to shimmer, generously apply it to your neck and chest.

While this product sounds like a summer dream for beauty fanatics (I mean, I’m already envisioning myself gallivanting around Boston on an 80-degree summer’s eve, shimmering from head to toe), I have heard mixed reviews on its amazing-ness.

“The color is so sheer, it’s almost non-apparent and the consistency makes it tricky to apply to the face sans streaks,“ says mm/c beauty guru, Brianne Barrett, who recommends NARS The Multiple in South Beach, another shimmery peach shade, for better illumination.

While the beauty jury is still out on the official verdict, check it out at your nearby Sephora and take it for a test run and then let us know what you think!

Posted by Alyssa