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The Newest Youtube Stars: Gramma & Ginga

The Newest Youtube Stars: Gramma & Ginga

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I’ve said this before, and I’ll say this again—I love the sh!t out of old people. From their frail sounding laughter and brazen style, to their love of Jeopardy and their crude sense of humor, I just can’t get enough.

Take YouTube stars and sisters, 101-year-old Sheila AKA Gramma and 96-year-old Arlene AKA Ginga. Whether they are fighting in McDonalds about whether or not Ginga told Gramma she couldn’t find the olives in the grocery store, or Ginga calling Gramma a “dummy” for looking at old pictures, these sisters are nothing short of entertaining.

Below are my favorite fights they’ve had and a brief play by play:

The Bathroom

Long story short: Ginga was in the bathroom and taking her sweet a$$ time and Gramma’s pissed she takes so much time in the bathroom. Let Ginga live!!!


Long story short: Gramma loves Louisville but because they aren’t playing tonight, she’s rooting for Notre Dame because well, “they’re Catholics.”

Hearing Aids

Long story short: Ginga can’t hear Gramma because she thinks there is something in her mouth. Ginga says “I hope you don’t put all this crap on that, MTV.” It’s too late Arlene, it’s too late.

Ear Drops

Long story short: Ginga is bullying Gramma for taking ear drops and says “we gotta get you some new ears.” Gramma still can’t hear her. What else is new?

If you don’t have time to watch all of these videos, take a few minutes of your time to watch the combination of all of the videos called Here Come The Girls. Trust, me it’s the best six minutes you’ll spend today.

Posted by Emily