The Next Big Thing in Passive Aggressive Produce


As loyal readers would know from this post, the wonders of modern technology have made it possible for us to taunt our enemies (or congratulate our friends) via anonymous tubers. Come to find out, fruit also wants a piece of the smack-talking spotlight. Introducing the perfectly punny Pear Pressure, a site that – you guessed it! – allows you to one-up the passive aggressive colleagues/roomies/frenemies in your life by sending them pears that don’t mince words.

Below, a few examples that prove Post-It notes are super passé:


Caption: Because you are NOT their mother. (Unless you are…in which case you could still go forth and send your spawn this fruit. Vitamins + Dose of Reality = Slam Dunk parenting, am I right?)


Caption: Because dropping $10.00 is the truly badass move. Clearly.


Caption: I know Justin Bieber helps you get your work done, Travis, but if I have to ask you one more time…
All Image Source PearPressure

Caption: We all know Denise. We have all been Denise. Sorry, shouldn’t drop reality bombs so early in the morning. Thankfully, these are pears, not potatoes, and per Mary Poppins, the maybe-not-quite-spoonful of sugar in them should help the medicine go down.


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