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The Only Time I’d Willingly Touch Vomit

The Only Time I’d Willingly Touch Vomit

I’m a very squeamish person when it comes to the human body – couldn’t change my nephew’s poopy diaper without wincing, can’t see blood without feeling woozy, and certainly can’t be within thirty feet of vomit without gagging.

Apparently, this aversion could mean a missed opportunity to make some easy cash – $63,000 to be exact.

According to the Huffington Post, a lucky 8 year-old lad in Great Britain recently came across a piece of whale vomit on a beach and was intrigued enough to pick it up, thinking it was a rock. (I’m beginning to dry heave as I type this.) His parents quickly realized he was holding not only a piece of ambergris (fancy word for nasty substance regurgitated or secreted by sperm whales), but the key to his college education as well.

Ambergris is highly prized by the perfume industry and the chunk Charlie Naysmith found could be worth up to $63,000. According to Wikipedia, it also has “a strong fecal smell” when initially expelled, which means we’re lucky this photo isn’t scratch-and-sniff.

I suppose the lesson to me is to toughen up and keep my eyes peeled next time I’m strolling along a beach – you never know when you’ll strike gold and stumble upon some vomit.

Posted by Emily

Image source The Daily Echo via The Huffington Post