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The Power of Marijuana

The Power of Marijuana

Image Source: unilad

A Priest, a Rabbi and an Atheist walk into a dispensary… but this ain’t no joke! These three bad asses smoked weed for a video that went viral, for good reason. The two holy men and the disbeliever ended up engaging in the most legendary high conversation this planet has ever witnessed. For that, Mazel Tov and L’Chaim!

As stated by my new favorite Rabbi, Rabbi Jim Mirel, “If it helps you become a better person, if it lifts you up, gives you something – a new view of life, it’s a very positive thing.”  Damn – where was this guy back when I was in high school? I was grounded for not one, not two, but three months after my father found a hint of weed, I’m talking $2 worth, hidden in my room. If only I had thought of the best excuse ever (thanks Rabbi), “I’m here to experience one of God’s creations,” I bet I could have knocked my punishment down to a week, tops!

This video left me shedding some tears… as well as feeling a definite second-hand high. The moral of the story:  sometimes, all you need is the gift of a little ganja to bring peace and respect amongst those of different views. Toda, Rabbi Jim Mirel, and thank you Episcopal Priest, Chris Schuler, and the real hero, Carlos Dillard, for cutting spiritual ties while enjoying the high vibes. Amen.


Posted by Samantha