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The Raven in the Frog Pond: Edgar Allan Poe and The City of Boston

The Raven in the Frog Pond: Edgar Allan Poe and The City of Boston

For the most part, we’ve all spent enough time agonizing over tedious textbooks in libraries during our college years that the thought of returning for a day of leisure is somewhat unthinkable. However, the bookish geeks in all of us understand and appreciate the importance and intrigue of a truly wonderful library. Maybe I’m biased as I did work in a library A/V dept growing up, and in a slide library and map room in college….or maybe I’m just a bookish geek. Anyway, I digress.

Our agency’s offices are located across the street from one of the country’s finest examples of libraries and, plastering its outer walls, the Boston Public Library touts their exhibitions and art shows. Not that Boston has any shortage of stellar museums, but I think very few of the city’s residents take advantage of the shows the BPL stages throughout the year. Currently on display is an exhibit that resonates with my macabre literary fascination, (The Raven in the Frog Pond: Edgar Allan Poe and The City of Boston. The BPL has curated a collection of materials to tell the story of Poe’s relation to Boston, his hometown. Touching on urban legends of Poe’s background and life, his points of inspiration, and quarrels with other Boston writers, the exhibit also addresses the city’s successes and failures in recognizing and commemorating Poe’s contributions to Boston.

I considered now falling back on a cheesy Poe pun to finish this off, but instead…just go check out the show. Or I’ll cement you behind a brick wall!

Boston Public Library, Cheverus Gallery

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: 9-5
Tuesday, Thursday: 9-7
Sunday: 1-5

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