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The Reality of Reality TV

The Reality of Reality TV

I am a reality TV connoisseur. I watch reality TV, read about reality TV, follow reality TV stars, and now, I am trying to be on reality TV. Last summer I tried out to be a contestant on Deal or No Deal, but never heard back.

This was troubling for a few reasons:

  1. I wanted to win some money.
  2. I wanted to be on TV.
  3. I had thought I killed the audition; I opened the case flawlessly, gave a very thorough answer to why I would be a great contestant, and was as charming as I could possibly be. I had even washed my hair.

So why did I not get a call back?

It is because, as I learned after many hours of researching (and by “researching” I mean watching reality TV), producers of these shows don’t want charming. They don’t want well spoken. They don’t want clean hair. They want drama and foolishness and enthusiasm and backstabbing and controversy and potential situations so absurd that we viewers can’t bear turning our eyes away from the screen. Producers of “The Hills” knew the second they signed Spencer Pratt to be on the show he would eventually go off the deep end. They are looking for the loose cannons, the ones who will eat their fellow cast members and, in the case of Spencer, the producers, alive.

So, for my second audition that I recently had to be on a reality cooking show I tried to embody my favorites Spencer, Khloe Kardashian and Stefan from Top Chef, to make sure that I came across as a serious potential candidate.

I portrayed myself as a cannibal, a neurotic, and an overly confident chef. I hope that will be realistic enough.  If you’re like me and also want to make it on reality TV, here’s a must-read: How to Be a Reality TV Star.

Posted by Amanda