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The Return of the Punch Bowl

The Return of the Punch Bowl

In 2008, I personally came across three examples of punch being served in Boston. At the time, little did I know how ‘spiked’ would become the nation’s passion for punch.

My first exposure was in July at a Flowing Punch Bowl Party hosted by drinkboston at Eastern Standard. The second was at a bridal shower I threw in November, also at Eastern Standard. The color scheme was pink and starting the party with a gorgeous cut-glass bowl filled with a pink punch, surrounded by mismatched antique punch cups, rose petals, pink tuile and pink crystals totally set the stage. Finally, at the party to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition (yea, guess where J), a number of punch bowls were set up during cocktail hour (Actually, that entire party was pretty much a cocktail hour!), offering drinks that took us back to the 1920’s.

No doubt, over the same time period, cocktail havens in other cities were also dusting off the punch bowls and, as so often happens, mainstream media has caught up, with stories about the return of the punchbowl popping up seemingly everywhere of late.  A piece by cocktail guru David Wondrich entitled “With Glasses Raised” ran in Saveur (Issue #116) , while the Saveur web site ran exclusive content on punch bowls entitled “Punch Love.” “Punch: It’s Not Just for the Holidays Anymore” ran in December 23’s The New York Times and the December 31st Los Angeles Times ran a piece entitled “Punch Makes a Classic Comeback.”

So what’s the point? For anyone who’s ever asked the proverbial chicken and egg question as regards media being a trendsetter or merely reporting on trends, as far as punch can serve as a broader indicator…question answered!

posted by Marlo