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The Reunion We’ve All Been Waiting For

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The Reunion We’ve All Been Waiting For

Image Source: Seventeen

The boys are back.. and they’re going by JONAS. Yes, we’re talking about THE Jonas brothers AKA Nick, Joe, and Kevin. Name a better trio. I’ll wait…

It’s been nearly six years since the JoBros have graced our music libraries and teenage girls everywhere are still recovering from the split. But S.O.S., because a reunion is (apparently) on the horizon!

The boys have been busy since their family affair came to a screeching halt: Nick has his thriving solo career, not to mention that lavish wedding to Priyanka. Joe is the leading man of popular music group DNCE. And Kevin, well, nobody really knows what Kevin has been up to but that’s neither here nor there. Point is, the brothers are making a comeback.

All three JoBros have stayed silent when it comes to the recent viral news, but we’re onto them. The reunion is said to feature new music, live performances AND a documentary. Now it’s very possible that this could just be rumors swirling, and we’ll all go back to our regularly scheduled grieving if that’s the case, but Nick did just post a throwback pic AND liked some tweets about the possibility of a homecoming… we’re not saying that’s confirmation or anything, but it’s kind of totally confirmation.

I just knew 2019 was going to be great!

Posted by Carolyn